Boho me

I submitted this photo to Style Snaps, which I don't know why I did it since my camera quality isn't very good plus I didn't know what I was doing at the time other than trying on some of the clothes I bought recently. I am seriously in love with my black wedge platforms which I bought at H&M in Liverpool during my trip to Europe and it only costs me £19.99! It's so practical that I could wear it with anything I own in my closet. But knowing me, I'd only wear it during big occasions or on a night out. I'm more of a 'feet on the ground' type of girl.

Denim me crazy

Photos from Tumblr

Not yet Christmas

Oversized knitted sweaters are great for this Fall/Winter season. It's sexy, chic and most of all practical. I'd don it with denim shorts on a cool day. Tucked in or wear em' out or spot on the 'too cool for pants' look. For a more classy way of wearing it, pair with a pair of denim jeans or some leather pants to spice things up a bit. Overall, the oversized knitted sweater is a must have for every women. Pick em' in beige or black to avoid looking like you're wearing a knitted sweater for Christmas.


Current favs

I did mention about going to the launch, right? Well the ones that were on display weren't exactly exciting and I think they didn't hold the event quite well, because honestly, I could organize something better (just saying). I went to the store just two days ago and I they added some new pieces on the racks. And I fell in love with 2 of them. I can't resist mesh bodycon dresses! They're just alluringly sexy and chic. I also love the black leathered studded dress. The ones I posted on this page are my favourites out of the collection. Other than that, it's just too girly with the frills and florals and all that.

Lomo in China

Model by: Natalia Vodianova (one of my favourite models)  for Vogue China